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Friday, 26 April 2013


Hey hey

Just a quick pop-in to let you know that I have done major updates to all posts and the blog in general.


I have removed the pages which do not get lots of hits and replaced them with more useful ones, such as the
Index & Info page, which tells you whats happening around the blog and provides more convenient links to article series (using the Archive tab on the right is very tedious).

I moved the titles around under Edibles to make for easier reading.

I have added Garden Guidelines, which I will update with new tips applicable to all types of fruits and vegetables.

Under Pest Control I have added a recipe for the control of red spider mites! This page is constantly being updated, so remember to pop in!

Soil page has had a major re-vamp - I updated the titles for easier reading and redid all the pictures to high quality textures. This is a popular reference page it seems for the pictures and it appears that the new pictures are greatly appreciated J

Lastly the Reference page is also updated with books that I purchase and a quick review of each.


I have updated the Potato post with mention of red potato cultivars that are less palatable to those irritating maize beetles.
The Sweet Pepper post has been updated to include the small cultivar, which copes better with the African sun.

Also for all my posts I have added some vintage botanical illustrations. I got most these from Vintage Printable - beetroot, oregano and eggplant from Kurt Stubers Online Library (see tabs on the right for links to other free resources). They are really lovely, especially the Squash and Tomato prints - for any of you who appreciate botanical prints like me J

I have added morphology pictures to the garden critter posts: Praying Mantis and Parktown Prawn AKA King Crickets.

I have removed the Non-Celebrity Insects post as no one reads it, but I have broken it up into individual profiles, so their easier to read and find (this will be the Praying Mantis, Parktown Prawn and Wasps posts so far- there is a lot still to cover) J

I am in the process of writing a new post under the new section of Diseases, Disorders and Pests (Index and Info) so be on the lookout! J

Oh! A warm welcome to the newest follower! I hope you enjoy the articles. J

-- Me Out--

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