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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Internet Connection Blues

I am having massive Internet problems - our personal ISP is changing systems, which means limited to zero connection since February. The whole of this month I barely have enough Internet for basic stuff, like downloading email and its usually at obscure hours... like what I am posting at now! before 07h00 on a long weekend? ... like seriously... Anyways, our house is already located in a signal poor zone and with the added systems changes I cannot even get anything uploaded as the connection bombs out or gets an error of some sort. *Sigh*. It is tremendously frustrating as I have tried to get this month's post uploaded on several occasions. Even if I do the Internet signal dance with my modem around the house 💃 it still doesn't work...  Hopefully the signal clears up a bit for me to get my post out next month!

Ta-Ta For Now!

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