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Friday, 19 August 2011


18 August 2011

Our information era has provided us with a multitude of resources that are easily accessible, yet we suffer from an 'information overload'. This implies that there is so much information available that you spend the majority of your time shifting through it to find relevant and good information.

The gardening books available in the bookstores all follow a similar pattern and you can research all you want, the real experience and knowledge of gardening involves getting your hands dirty. You simply grab some seeds, stick them in the ground and offer sacrifices to the garden fairies in an attempt to make them grow :)

I am a self-learnt gardener and I started this blog as a practical guide to gardening. I will post hints and tips not found in your usual gardening book. So in this blog I will post articles or comments on the 'things' you pick up whilst gardening, trying something and seeing how the plants react to your efforts.

If anybody has some gardening tips and hints of their own to share - feel free to do so J

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