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Nurseries, Suppliers, Stockists & Products

Here I will be posting nurseries and details about suppliers of garden essentials and chicken products. These are a list of reliable suppliers of mine.

NB! Please note that these addresses and contact details are for Roodepoort and the surrounding area.

1. Plants and plant-related products

Garden World - Making a World of Difference
Beyers Naude Drive
Telephone: (011) 957 5955

They have lots of good quality, healthy plants at reasonable prices. You can get seed potatoes from them only during Sep - Oct months. You can get all types of garden essentials (pots, trellises, seeds, compost, fertiliser etc.) The staff is very friendly and will order certain plants/products you might need. They also have various talks and workshops at their function venue.

Austraflora Nursery Cc (Technically it is still on the N14 according to Google Maps)

Hendrik Potgieter Rd (Before Meyer Rd and After Steyn Rd, across from the Anro flower market)
Cellphone: 082 724 9586

They are in this general region (red pin)
This is a lovely nursery with a wide variety of ornamental plants. They specialise in fruit trees and make them available at bargain prices. This is only a plant-based nursery, they have some stakes, compost and garden ornaments, but no plant products (fertilisers, seeds etc).

2. Garden Supplies

Rainwater Tanks
Flo-tek contact person Mike Anderson, (011) 316 6891

Other websites:

Jojo - wide variety of size and colours
Flo-tek - standard green tanks with bargain prices
Raincell - they have some cool planter tanks

3. Chicken supplies

Farm City (AFGRI Operations Ltd)
C/O Hendrik Potgieter & Viljoen Str
Telephone: (011) 662 1471

All types of Agricultural supplies can be found here, including chicken feed, waterers, feeders and medicine.
This is a franchise and similar outlets are available across the country.
Lion Bridge (Pty) Ltd T/A Lionbridge Agricultural Veterinary
328 Skinner Str

Here you can find more specialised chicken medicine and vaccines than at Farm City. I specifically went here to get my Mycoplasma vaccine powder.

4. Chicken farmers/keepers "Live chickens for sale"

Sally - Midrand (Hylines)
Cellphone: 082 332 2358

Ellie - Strubens Valley (Chickens and other poultry as well - ducks, geese, turkey, swans)
...(I put her details somewhere, I just need to find them and I'll post them)...

Some other places you can contact to get chicken suppliers from are:
I haven't bought chickens from these places specifically, so I can't vouch for them
"Live Chickens" being advertised in Beyers Naude Drive near Garden World
Cellphone: 082 824 1276

Theo Potgieter Seeds & Feed  (Bantams)
19 Rustenburg Rd
Telephone: (011) 953 4982

Farm Feed Feed & Seed (Show Breeds & Broiler Chicks)
37 Rustenburg Rd
Telephone: (011) 660 4259

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  1. Good Afternoon

    Please could you assist, I want to buy cherry trees but can’t seem to find any suppliers?

  2. I can't recall specifically seeing cherry trees - your best bet would likely be the Austraflora nursery (details above) or perhaps you can contact Malanseuns directly ( and ask whether they can order some for you. Most cherry varieties are those that grow very large and require a long cold winter in order to fruit properly- so double check for a self-fertile "tropical" cultivar more suited to the SA climate should you have enough space in the garden. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  3. Hello, Please can you help me, I'm looking for exotic Fig Trees. The Black, Striped and any other types. Also looking for persimmon and dragon fruit trees.

    many thanks

    Jay R.

    1. Hey hey! I haven't been in the nurseries lately so I am not completely up to date about their stock. But if you live around Roodepoort your best bet would be Garden World and Austraflora Nursery Cc (addresses above). You would likely only find the white and black varieties I suspect. Good luck!

  4. Shroom , trust you are well , i am looking for guide on container planting (fruit trees ) and miniature (dwarf fruit trees )


  5. Hey hey! I would suggest that you get the book; Pot it Grow it Eat it (by Kathryn Hawkins). It is a UK book so the seasons will be a bit different but she gives good techniques on how to keep them alive in containers. Whereas the book; The Ultimate Practical Guide to Pruning and Training (by Richard Bird) will give you a guide on how to prune your trees for best fruit production. For a South African guide you can get Jane Griffith's; Jane's Delicious Urban Gardening it is her latest book - I have not purchased any of her books because I have so many others with similar information so I cannot give a indication of how good the content is, but she knows her stuff.
    Hope that helps! Good luck!

  6. Any ideas about SA/ local suppliers of Mycorrhizal fungi spores -- to spread around the garden.

    1. Hey Marigold! I am not aware of any fungal spores that one can buy and add to the garden. I know that Wonder has an Organic Compost Activator @

      - but this is generally a bacterial product, but you can add it to normal garden soil too. Hmm, let me see... a Probio Compost Activator (liquid product, either had fungal spores or assist with soil fungal growth.

      Both products are available at large nurseries, I specifically recall seeing both Wonder and Probio products at Lifestyle Garden Centre near Randridge Mall (

      Hope that helps!


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