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Welcome to the Roots 'n' Shoots Support Page. Here you can choose from a variety of donation options. International donations can be made via PayPal (either through the cart or directly via PayPal to and South African payments are available via PayFast through the cart option as well. Several donation amounts are available from R10 (~ US$1) to R100 (~ US$10).

Donations and personal data are secured through encryption (through Ecwid SSL-protected servers and SSL certified) and facilitated through the PayPal or PayFast portals after checkout here.

Donations can be made anonymously (you can use an alias as well as generalised billing street and city name, such as using Roodepoort in both lines for South Africa for instance) and the email required is the one for your PayPal or PayFast account. Should you choose to fill in you real details I will treat the information with the utmost respect as I would value my own and won't disclose any information to anyone or send you spam of any kind - ok, maybe I'll send just one email to say "Thanx!" 😂

Thank you for your support to help keep Roots 'n' Shoots running! 💖

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Support Roots 'n' Shoots

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Please pop over to the Support Page, where you can find various donation options to support Roots 'n' Shoots!

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