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Why is RnS Moving to

Google had brought out an algorithm update in May 2017. With previous updates like Panda or Penguin, Mr G had penalized blogs or websites with low quality content and those more focused on aggressive adverts (including multiple ads or pop-up ads in articles). However, many blogs/websites that weren't shady got penalized beyond recovery too and a lot of people lost their income. The May 2017 update has had wide-scale effect on blogs and websites, but without any explanation from Mr G as to why or what it does. RnS has been hit by it too and hard. RnS organic search stats (i.e. users from Google) have dropped by 75% since. Even though RnS is not a source of income, I tried to figure out why RnS is being culled. It seems that it doesn't really have anything to do with RnS per se, but likely because RnS is FREE and not paying for page ranking (via AdWords or Ad Ranking). Now it is likely being aggressively shoved to lower page rankings to accommodate the paid ads.

I cannot rely on Mr G anymore to get RnS' content where it is needed. So I am busy moving RnS to Wordpress where you can find me as Whisker Flowers @

I am also imposing 301 redirects from already moved posts and pages!

- The Shroom - (AKA Whisker Flowers)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Happy Birthday Roots 'n' Shoots!!! #1

Hoot! Yay, today my blog is one year old J. So let me have a look at how far it has come...

The reason for starting this blog was to share my practical experiences, tricks and observations you can't get from any books. I remember that the first four months I had no visitors, nada, nothing, very lonely... except for this stupid spamming website from Russia domar.something - made me think someone has been around and then it is just them again... Out of desperation I joined to get some traffic to my site and was happy to notice three followers came along with the ride, one very dedicated follower (that's you KL J ) that awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award, Garden Medusa and GardeningBlog... there also be a Suburban Tomato in the background - I see you! J Thanx for the support! J

I am trying to join a few more garden blog hosting sites, one of which is Sustainable Suburbia.

Since posting my tomato article, I had gained a lot of 'come once visitors' from Google Images - much to my surprise this has become my main stream for visitors - increasing the pageviews by at least a hundred every month. After posting my eggplant article, my blog broke the 1000 pageview a month limit in July! YAY! With my eggplant article generating the most hits - don't know why people are so obsessed with eggplants? J Also, Roots ‘n’ Shoots has reached the 5000 pageviews total mark as another milestone.

I also got a Google Plus +1 on my Parktown Prawn article, didn't even know about this thing - me being social network impaired ... Anyways, thank you Theresa Smith for the one up! J

When I started I hoped that by this time I would have a lot more followers and millions of discussions with people on all things gardening and chickens and whatever else, but my blog has become more of a humble little diary to keep record of all my nonsense I get up to in the garden - like a garden laboratory book! Whoo hoo! J Which is a very good thing, given that I have forgotten how exactly I pruned the tomatoes last season, even though I developed the system!!! Oh, dear, good thing I did the article before I forgot.

So here I be in my own little universe and if you learn something from it in passing by - that was the whole idea and feel free to leave a comment - sharing is caring! Tee, hee ... now the next limit is 2000 pageviews, I hope that by Roots 'n' Shoots' second birthday it would have reached this J

BTW, tried to do a blog "Make-over" too. Wanted to get a more 'professional' look. Alas, that didn't work out so well, couldn't get a nice background that I was completely happy with, had major text-2-background-2-readability colour problems.... so I just stayed with the present look. J

... Me out...

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