Roots 'n' Shoots: July 2018

Why is RnS Moving to

Google had brought out an algorithm update in May 2017. With previous updates like Panda or Penguin, Mr G had penalized blogs or websites with low quality content and those more focused on aggressive adverts (including multiple ads or pop-up ads in articles). However, many blogs/websites that weren't shady got penalized beyond recovery too and a lot of people lost their income. The May 2017 update has had wide-scale effect on blogs and websites, but without any explanation from Mr G as to why or what it does. RnS has been hit by it too and hard. RnS organic search stats (i.e. users from Google) have dropped by 75% since. Even though RnS is not a source of income, I tried to figure out why RnS is being culled. It seems that it doesn't really have anything to do with RnS per se, but likely because RnS is FREE and not paying for page ranking (via AdWords or Ad Ranking). Now it is likely being aggressively shoved to lower page rankings to accommodate the paid ads.

I cannot rely on Mr G anymore to get RnS' content where it is needed. So I am busy moving RnS to Wordpress where you can find me as Whisker Flowers @

I am also imposing 301 redirects from already moved posts and pages!

- The Shroom - (AKA Whisker Flowers)

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Post & Page Moves for July 2018 to Whisker Flowers

The following pages and posts are moving to Whisker Flowers:

 My New Blog

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Once published on Wordpress (dates below), all posts and pages will be automatically 301 redirected to Whisker Flowers!

Posts are up ONCE A WEEK, starting July!

  1. Flies: Biological Control - Garden Critter of the Month
  2. Solar Power in South Africa Part 4: Capacity, Design and Back-up Supply; Living with Solar in Gauteng, South Africa
  3. Cucumber: How To Grow - Fruit of the Month
  4. Sci-Fi Beehives: Smart Phones & Bee Messages!

Already at Whisker Flowers & 301 redirected from Roots 'n' Shoots:

June 2018

  1. Natural (Bio)fertilisers, Edible Legumes & Living Mulch
  2. Raising Chickens - Housing & Coops
  3. Boere in Nood & Drought Gardening
  4. Sweet Potato Vegetable of the Month
  5. Sustainable Vegetable Growing part 4

May 2018

  1. Sustainable Vegetable Growing part 3
  2. Caterpillars – Garden Pest of the Month
  3. Solar Power in South Africa Part 3: Solar & Seasonality, Living with Solar in Gauteng, South Africa
  4. Comfrey: How To Grow – Herb of the Month

April 2018

  1. State of the Blog Address - Move to Whisker Flowers Update (@ Whisker Flowers)
  2. Wasps Biological Control Insect of the Month
  3. Sunbirds & Spiderwebs - Something Special
  4. Squash and Pumpkin Fruits of the Month

March 2018

  1. Peppers & Paprikas Fruits of the Month
  2. Insectary - Garden Security Force & Biological Pest Control
  3. Leaf Hoppers - Pest of the Month
  4. Sustainable Vegetable Growing part 2
  5. Rosemary Herb of the Month
  6. Solar Power South Africa part 2
  7. Raising Chickens - Feed and Water
  8. Dangers of Snail Bait
  9. Beetroot Vegetable of the Month

Feb 2018

  1. Basil Herb of the Month
  2. Garden Helpers - Small Critters, Big Helpers
  3. South African Chicken Breeds (Sistas In Da Coop)
  4. Lunar Gardening Revisited & Biodynamics 
  5. Carrot Vegetable of the Month 
  6. DIY Bird Deterrents (Parts 1 & 2 combined) 
  7. Amphibians Critter of the Month 
  8. Pesticide Resistance - Mechanisms & Biology 

Jan 2018

  1. Eggplant Fruit of the Month
  2. Eggplant Rust Disease of the Month
  3. Tamarillo or Tree Tomato Fruit of the Month
  4. General Gardening Principles, All Plants, All Seasons
  5. Grey & Rain Water Collection and Storage
  6. Womery, Vermicompost, Earthworm Compost
  7. Green Manures, Green Forage
  8. Praying Mantis Biocontrol of the Month
  9. Tomato Fruit of the Month

Dec 2017

  1. Reasons for Keeping Chickens
  2. Propagation Alternatives to Rooting Hormones, i.e, Honey
  3. Fruit Fly Pest of the Month 
  4. Soil Care & Maintenance 
  5. Instant Compost 
  6. South African Climate and Hardiness Zones 
  7. Composting basics 
  8. Lunar Gardening Principles 
  9. Fig Fruit of the Month 

Nov 2017
  1. About - page
  2. Support - page
  3. Edibles 
  4. Pest Control 
  5. Radish
  6. Sustainable Vegetable Growing part 1 
  7. Ladybug 
  8. Solar Power South Africa part 1 
  9. Raspberry 
  10. Wild Mushrooms 

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