Roots 'n' Shoots: Support RnS - Referrals

Support RnS - Referrals

Hey hey!

Welcome to the Roots 'n' Shoots Support Page. I have rethought the RnS support structure - so now I am putting a few items here from Zazzle (an online print on demand store where you can customise and purchase unique items). I searched for mainly South African shops which don't sell the cliché SA stuff as well as items that resonate with the Roots 'n' Shoots' overall theme. 💮

When you purchase any items through these links I will get a referral on the purchase item (even if it is not the one featured on the blog). So in this way I get to support independent artists and the art community, while you get a cool unique bag or whatever and I get a bit back from running RnS. 😁

Please browse some of the stores that I feature below (as well as in the right hand and bottom tabs).

Thank you for your support to help keep Roots 'n' Shoots running! 💖

- TTFN -

Ta-Ta For Now!
The Shroom

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