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Please Help RnS!

Google had brought out an algorithm update in May 2017. With previous updates like Panda or Penguin, Mr G had penalized blogs or websites with low quality content and those more focused on aggressive adverts (including multiple ads or pop-up ads in articles). However, many blogs/websites that weren't shady got penalized beyond recovery too and a lot of people lost their income. The May 2017 update has had wide-scale effect on blogs and websites, but without any explanation from Mr G as to why or what it does. RnS has been hit by it too and hard. RnS organic search stats (i.e. users from Google) have dropped by 75% since. Even though RnS is not a source of income, I tried to figure out why RnS is being culled. It seems that it doesn't really have anything to do with RnS per se, but likely because RnS is FREE and not paying for page ranking (via AdWords or Ad Ranking). Now it is likely being aggressively shoved to lower page rankings to accommodate the paid ads.

I would fully appreciate any sharing of RnS via email, social media or whatever, because I cannot rely on Mr G anymore to get RnS' content where it is needed. I have (re)registered RnS with Bing and I have also switched to DuckDuckGo as my primary search engine.

Thank you & Enjoy the content!

- The Shroom -

Support RnS - Referrals

Hey hey!

Welcome to the Roots 'n' Shoots Support Page. I have rethought the RnS support structure - so now I am putting a few items here from Zazzle (an online print on demand store where you can customise and purchase unique items). I searched for mainly South African shops which don't sell the cliché SA stuff as well as items that resonate with the Roots 'n' Shoots' overall theme. 💮

When you purchase any items through these links I will get a referral on the purchase item (even if it is not the one featured on the blog). So in this way I get to support independent artists and the art community, while you get a cool unique bag or whatever and I get a bit back from running RnS. 😁

Please browse some of the stores that I feature below (as well as in the right hand and bottom tabs).

Thank you for your support to help keep Roots 'n' Shoots running! 💖

- TTFN -

Ta-Ta For Now!
The Shroom

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