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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The last of Summer; Winter preparations 2014

Summer has ended and for the first time in years we actually have a bit of Autumn (since ~10th March) which is lovely, average day time maximum of 22oC!

I did a last cheeky plant of summer vegetables (during Jan and Feb) seeing that our winters are a bit warmer than usual; so here they are:

Zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers

Waiting for the tamarillos and raspberries (two true autumn crops) to ripen!

Raspberry and tamarillo

We have had a good pumpkin and winter squash harvest this year and I have several beauties stashed for the winter. Other vegetables we horded and are storing long-term for winter use include sweet potatoes (white and jewel) as well as red and white potatoes! Look at that box of potatoes, complete with packing peanuts J

Squash and root crops

Winter preparations in the garden has included digging, composting and mulching over my ‘early’ beds. I have potted up some sweet potatoes slips in a sheltered place as insurance for sweet potatoes next summer.

Winter veg garden prep
The ‘late’ beds are still occupied with my last cheeky planting of summer veg. My early bed seedlings have already germinated and include peas, beans, broccoli and Brussels.

Winter vegetables ready to go!

We have three good stands of Alfalfa as winter green forage for the chickens this year as well.
Alfalfa (18% protein) for the chickens to eat in winter

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