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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Drought Angels SA: Farmers in Distress, Boere in Nood & Water Shortage SA

South Africa is suffering from a potentially crippling drought brought on by the worst El Nino in decades. Many farmers and villages do not have enough water due to poor planning of infrastructure, lack of proper water management & lack of  water-wise use/education.

Several groups have started water and feed supply projects to assist drought stricken farmers and towns. Boere in Nood/Farmers in Distress are arranging the donation and transport of feed for livestock whereas Water Shortage SA are organising water dotations (both drinking water designated "DW" for consumption and tank water "TW" for general use) to towns in the Free State, Northern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces. Clean plastic bottles can be filled with water and dropped off at various towns in South Africa, please see the Water Shortage SA facebook page for updates. Please assist with the initiatives! Together we might bring relief and alleviate the worst of the drought!

The following links will give your more information of drop-off places for water (Water Shortages SA) as well as information regarding donations and assistance

Drought Angels SA can be contacted at the following links:

Boere in Nood/Farmers in Distress: Facebook Page, Twitter & Email 

National donations to First National Bank ccount number 625 229 860 43, branch code 250 655
International donations to PayPal account

Aliwal North Assistance: Contact Deon Smit @ 083 455 2166

Water Shortage SA: Information regarding drop-off towns, see there facebook page

Agri-SA also has a setup a Drought Aid @, which includes an SMS payment system as well (Ref 3).

Help has already flooded in from Canada, United States, Nederlands and Australia; an R 100 000 donation has been made by a woman from Dubia to the Farmers in Distress initiative! (See Ref 2)


1) KarooSpace Article @ South Africa's Drought Angels Step Up by Julienne du Toit & Chris Marais

2) News 24 Article @ Aid for drought-stricken farmers from far and wide by Jeanette Chabalala

3) eNCA Article @ AfriForum lauches drought support campaign by Africa News Agency


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